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Are you experiencing headaches more often than usual? If you have yet to attend your annual comprehensive eye exam with your local New Rochelle eye care center, you could be experiencing the side effects of eye strain, a symptom caused by an out of date optical prescription. Without proper vision correction, your eye glasses could be doing more harm than good. Only with regular optical visits can you carefully monitor the physical health of your eyes, which could be far worse than they appear to be to the naked eye. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at Optical Visit can work with you to find the perfect pair of optical lenses to give you the clear vision you can count on.

Local New Rochelle Optical Store
Local New Rochelle Optical Store

Having an up to date prescription for vision correction is vital to properly caring for your eyes and giving you the vision you need to live your life to the fullest. When it comes to our bodies, few aspects are more important daily life than the continued health of our eyes. The process of maintain a current and accurate optical prescription is the very same that works to do exactly that. Regular optical examinations work to do so much more than test the strength and clarity of your vision, they also include comprehensive and state of the art diagnostic testing which could very well save your sight. The leading cause of blindness in industrializes nations, including the United States, is the optical disease known as cataracts. Cataracts is so destructive and dangerous to your sight because it does not show any symptoms until loss of vision has already begun. Having a severe case of myopia or astigmatism is one of the many risks that can raise your chances of developing cataracts. Every optical examination from your trusted New Rochelle eye care center includes exacting diagnostic testing for cataracts and other optical diseases for optical health care you can count on to protect your sight.

In truth, the important of having an up to do prescription of vision correction is about so much more than seeing your best, it is also about regular physical testing for optical disease to insure that your eyes are in fact healthy, and that they continue to stay that way. An up to date optical prescription allows your neighborhood New Rochelle eye care specialist to be certain that any changes in your optical prescription are in fact the cause of your current optical condition, and not an addition problem developing inside your eyes unbeknownst to you. At Optical Visit we employ the latest advances in technology and technique in comprehensive eye exams for exacting optical prescriptions tailored to your unique needs. With Optical Visit we can insure that your eyes receive the care they need to see clearly for a lifetime.

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