Eyeglass Frames in Scarsdale

Designer frames in Scarsdale

Eyeglass frames in Scarsdale

Eyeglass frames in Scarsdale

If you are thinking about buying a new pair of eyeglasses, we hope you will come to our vision practice and optical store, Optical Visit. At our optical store, patients can get comprehensive eye exams from Dr. Ellen Cutler, our therapeutic optometrist, as well as find great new eyeglass frames in Scarsdale.

Many of our customers choose to first have a comprehensive eye exam before they purchase eyeglass frames in Scarsdale. This way they are sure that their new eyeglasses have an up-to-date lens prescription in them. At our vision practice we are proud to offer an extremely wide variety of designer frames; our customers are always able to find exciting new frames that they know they will enjoy. If you are concerned that you will have trouble finding the perfect pair of frames because there are so many to choose from, you will be happy to know that our friendly and knowledgeable frame experts are always available to help you find the best frames to work with your prescription needs, face shape, fashion sense and budget. If there is a particular pair of designer frames that you are looking for, our frame experts will try to locate the frames for you so that you can purchase them at our vision practice. Once you have found your perfect eyeglass frames, our optician will make sure that your new eyeglasses fit your face perfectly. You will also learn about the different lenses that are available to work with your new frames, to make sure that your new eyeglasses are also the very best fit for your lifestyle. New lenses can be thinner and more lightweight for certain prescriptions, then lenses of the past. We also offer progressive lenses and other types of lenses, as well. Some of the top-notch designers whose frames we carry include: Burberry, Fendi, and Guess eyewear.

If you are looking for eyeglass frames in Scarsdale we hope you will drop by at our optical store where we offer a large collection of designer frames for all, and exceptional customer service.

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