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Avoid Eye Strain and Headaches with these Helpful Tips from Your New Rochelle Optometrist

With all the advances in technology over the past decade, it seems that you don’t go anywhere without carrying some kind of device to keep you connected. Whether its a new tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop, we are constantly looking and becoming absorbed in screens. But many people don’t think about the impact it can have on our eye health and vision. Your New Rochelle optometrists at Optical Visit are not suggesting you forget about this technology, but we offer a few tips for digital device usage that is both healthy and necessary for your vision health.

Optical Visit New Rochelle
Optical Visit New Rochelle

Eye strain is a common occurrence with digital devices, but many consumers forget that technology is meant to be ergonomic and conform to our standards. Just because the default setting of your smartphone or tablet has small text, doesn’t mean you can’t change it! Adjust your environment to suit your needs and promote healthier eyes. If possible, use a large screen or magnify the screen to reduce eye strain. For chair positioning, be sure to have a chair with excellent lower-back support and keep it close to your computer.

Lighting is another environmental adjustment that can be made. Not only can you change your monitor settings to a reflective lighting scheme, you should make sure you have good room lighting. Keep the bright lighting overhead to a minimum because it can overexpose and irritate the eyes. But don’t keep it too dim, because too little light causes the eyes to strain in order to see. We suggest that you keep a desk lamp shining on your desk. have window light off to the side rather than in front of in back of you. Position your computer screen to reduce window glare and reflections from overhead lights.

As we said before, magnifying the text and images on your device will prevent squinting. Almost every device can be adjusted to display with larger text, which will make reading easier and your eyes will thank you!

Lastly, it seems simple, but don’t forget to blink! Blinking washes your eyes in naturally therapeutic tears, which is a nice refresher for those of you wearing contact lenses. Digital devices are set up for non-stop work, but you don’t have to work non-stop too! Take a break every twenty minutes and look away from your screen for twenty seconds at something farther than ten feet away.

Of the visual problems reported by users, the most common are eyestrain, double vision, temporary short-sightedness and visual fatigue. The term eyestrain alone can cover a range of symptoms, including irritation, soreness, photosensitivity and general tiredness. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, contact Optical Visit for an eye exam with our New Rochelle eye doctor, Dr. Ellen Cutler.

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