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Are you constantly coping with obnoxious glare from sunlight in your eyes or headlights from oncoming traffic at night? Glare can be a huge problem for those who wear glasses to see clearly and drive safely, especially if you wear high-index lenses and need high amounts of optical correction in order to see. Optical glare from light bouncing off your lenses can also cause problems if you are spending long hours working on a computer or any other LCD screen device, glare from the light of your device can make it difficult to see. With Crizal anti-reflective coating you can see perfectly in any light, and at your local New Rochelle glasses experts of Optical Visit, premium quality lenses are more affordable than ever before.

Did you know that AR coating is considered so important that many opticians will not sell you a pair of lenses without them? AR or anti-reflective coating is essential in seeing clearly with varying levels of light shining in your eyes. Solar glare when driving can be a major hazard, and wearing glasses without any sort of anti-reflective coating on them can only make it that much harder on your eyes to see clearly. Uncoated lenses will actually reflect up to 20% of the light, even as it passes through them, and it does not occur on only the front of your lenses which you are often so worried about scratching. Reflection of light happens on both sides of your lens. When light becomes reflected back as glare, it actually prevents this 20% from entering your eyes to deliver valuable information to your optic nerves. A coated lenses works to properly refract 99.9% of light into your eyes correctly, giving your eyes more information to create a clearer image. But not all anti-reflective coatings are created equal. Crizal truly offers the best AR lens on the market today, with four different layers to provide superior vision, as well as a stronger lens that is more resistant to scratches, oil, water, and smudging than any other AR coating on the market today. At your trusted New Rochelle glasses store we not only carry a wide selection of Crizal lens coating options, we are now offering them at lower prices than ever before.

Right now your professional New Rochelle glasses store is offering Crizal A/R coatings for only $70 as part of our end of the year Flex Spending Sale. Whether your insurance offers you flex spending points or not, the best in AR coatings can be yours if you take advantage of this great opportunity. At the Optical Visit we don’t believe in having to sacrifice great vision care to save a buck, instead we make the best in lenses more affordable for our local patients to help you see better than ever before.

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