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Eastchester Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses in Eastchester

Eastchester sunglasses

Eastchester sunglasses

At Optical Visit, our Eastchester sunglasses are some of the best in town. We have such a great selection that we know you’ll be happy with what you pick out at our offices. We have all different kinds of styles, selections and budget ranges for you and your family to choose from. Ask us about our sunglasses, which come in 100% UV rated materials to protect your eyes. We have both budget and designer sunglasses.

Designer eyewear doesn’t have to be expensive. Ask us about our specials and discounts going on. We’re sure to have something for you and your family. One of our professional eyewear consultants can help walk you through a professional fitting so that we can find the right frames for you. Sunglasses are fashionable but also important as an eye protector. Those who are sensitive to glare from the sun can wear sunglasses to help to cut down on this glare, which make them a good accessory to wear while driving. Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer and cataracts. All of our Eastchester sunglasses have the highest UV ratings and are designed to protect eyes from eye disease and sunburn. Our sunglasses and designer eyewear frames are made from high quality materials, and we offer low cost sunglasses as well for those on a budget.

Along with Eastchester sunglasses we also carry transitions lenses. Transition lenses can change from dim to clear according to light conditions. They can be worn inside as eyeglasses that transform to sunglasses once the wearer is outdoors. The lenses change according to lighting situations both light and dark. They’re also good for glare while driving in the daytime. This way those who wear glasses but can’t wear contact lenses for any reason, can now have both glasses and sunglasses in one pair.

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New Rochelle optometrist

10804 Eye Care

Are you considering using contact lenses for your daily vision correction? Contact lenses are an excellent option for many patients for several reasons. Contact lenses do not obstruct your vision in any way, they are easy to maintain, they are easily replaced, they do not cover up or hide your face, and there are a variety of types and brands for you to choose from. Our New Rochelle optometrist helps patients with their contact lenses here at Optical Visit all the time, and would love to do the same for you.

Medical considerations also need to be made when choosing contact lenses, such as if soft contact lenses or gas permeable lenses are more ideal for your needs, and the experts at Optical Visit can help you with that. When it comes down to the actual contact lens fitting, our New Rochelle optometrist will need to take several measurements, including your corneal curvature and your pupil and iris size, in order to provide you with lenses that are comfortably and accurately fitted to your eyes. We may suggest using trial lenses before ordering a full package of lenses to make sure that you are satisfied with your new lenses throughout your daily life.The first step to getting contact lenses is to visit our New Rochelle optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam and contact lens fitting. During the exam portion of your visit, we will carefully administer a series of tests in order to evaluate your eye health and to determine an accurate optical prescription for your lenses. Then, prior to the contact lens fitting, our New Rochelle optometrist will ask you some questions to get a better idea of which lenses are best suited for you. It is important to consider your lifestyle, hygienic habits, and other similar aspects about yourself when coming to a decision about the type of contact lens you would like to use. For example: do you think you may forget to store and clean your lenses each night? If so, you may want to consider using disposable lenses that you change each day. Do you think you may want to change your eye color? Then you can discuss color-changing lenses with our New Rochelle optometrist.

To learn more about the services provided by our New Rochelle optometrist, please visit the main Optical Visit website. If you have any questions, or if you would like to book an appointment, do not hesitate to contact our staff by phone or online.

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