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Optical Store near Fleetwood

Optical Store near Fleetwood

Many of our patients at Optical Visit near Fleetwood, Mount Vernon opt to use contact lenses because of the many lifestyle and optical benefits they offer. However, there are a few risks of developing eye infections when wearing contact lenses. These risks are significantly decreased if you follow proper contact lens care as instructed by your optometrist near Fleetwood, Dr. Cutler.

Often times, eye infections will develop due to use of extended wear lenses, reduced tear exchange under the lens, environmental factor, and poor hygiene. When you’re first fitted for contact lenses at Optical Vision near Fleetwood, Dr. Cutler will go over proper contact lens care and cleaning so you can avoid these eye infections. You can help reduce your risk of eye infection by carefully cleaning, rubbing and rinsing your contacts nightly, minimizing direct contact with water while wearing lenses, and replacing your contact lens case often. For more information on proper care of your contact lens, visit Optical Visit to speak with your eye doctor near Fleetwood, Dr. Cutler. We are available to answer all your optical questions as well as teach you proper eye care techniques.

The most common infection related to contact lens use is keratitis, an infection of the cornea. Common symptoms include blurry vision, unusual redness in the eye, pain in the eye, tearing, excessive discharge from the eye, and increased light sensitivity. Keratitis cannot be transmitted from person to person, but if left untreated by Dr. Cutler at Optical Visit near Fleetwood, Mount Vernon, it can cause serious vision loss and even blindness. Like all eye infections and diseases, it is important to see your optometrist near Fleetwood immediately if you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms. Though keratitis can be treated with medications, patients who do not respond to medical treatment may require eye surgery.

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