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Progressive lenses, available at our New Rochelle eyewear store, do everything a trifocal lens does but without the small lines. Actually considered multifocal lenses, progressive lenses create a progression of lens power. The process with progressive lenses is smooth because there are no visible lines and it is compared to natural eyesight. You look straight ahead while looking in the distance, slightly down to see intermediate, and lower to see near. The experts at our New Rochelle eyewear store keep current as technology advances, making it possible to offer you the most recent choices in eyeglass lenses.

New Rochelle Prescription Reading Glasses

New Rochelle Prescription Reading Glasses

Progressive lenses, also referred to as no-line bifocals, are worn to correct presbyopia. Many of our patients who require the use of a bifocal prefer progressive lenses because they give a more youthful appearance and are more functional. All progressive lenses are not the same, however, and differ in price, depending on brand, function, and size. At Optical Visit, our New Rochelle eyewear store, we are experts at making your progressive lenses fit exactly, as it helps a great deal with your adjustment process.

When you’re looking for an alternative to bifocals or trifocals at our New Rochelle eyewear store, standard progressive lenses work best, and fit most budgets. Although the price of standard progressive lenses is higher than regular flat-top bifocal or trifocal lenses, they are still very affordable. Computer progressive lenses, also known as “office lenses”, are designed to be used in your office and usually provide clear vision at around 16 inches to 6 feet. These lenses are perfect for you if you use a computer more than 4 hours per day, as they help alleviate visual fatigue and computer vision syndrome. Premium progressive lenses, often referred to as “free-form design”, provide a much wider, distortion-free reading area. Usually 100% digitally surfaced or ground, these lenses customize your prescription for you.

You can also find ultra-thin lenses at our New Rochelle eyewear store, and are offered in UVB and UVA rays, and available in photochromic, transitions, polarized, tinted, and mirrored. If you require stronger corrective eyewear, or currently wear large frames or wraparounds, these high quality lenses offer improved aesthetics, providing less bulky, and lighter, eyewear. If our eye doctor recommends it, glass ultra-thin lenses are also available.

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