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Pediatric Eye Doctor in Mount Vernon NY

Pediatric eye exams in Mount Vernon NY

Pediatric eye doctor in Mount Vernon NY

Pediatric eye doctor in Mount Vernon NY

At Optical Visit, our pediatric eye doctor in Mount Vernon NY can schedule eye exams, perform vision tests and look for eye disease and more at our offices. Call today to schedule your child’s visit, where we’ll always take care of their eyes to the best of our abilities! Kids love our offices because we’re friendly and welcoming when they come in to see us. If your child has anxiety, we know how to calm them down and make them feel safe again to have their exam.

Pediatric eye exams start with an initial exam when the child is an infant. That’s where good eye care starts, as we begin establishing what the child’s vision is like, assessing their eye needs and addressing any issues that may pop up. As the child grows, they should come in for an appointment around 3 years old and again before they enter school. It’s important to come in to our pediatric eye doctor in Mount Vernon NY to check your child’s eyes to make sure they are in full working condition. Eye tests and vision exams are an important part of every person’s optical health. Many eye conditions show no signs or symptoms during the early stages, but can be caught during an annual exam.

We also perform dilation and automated visual field screenings for adults, which help with peripheral vision. Our contact lens exam can fit patients for soft or hard contact lenses. Thanks to advances in the optical field almost everyone is now a candidate for contacts. Those with regular nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can wear contacts, as well as those who wear bifocal or multifocal lenses. Our contact lenses come in a wide variety of brands and types to suit everyone’s needs. For the best in pediatric eye care, call our pediatric eye doctor in Mount Vernon NY today.

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