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Sports Eyewear New Rochelle

Sports Eyewear New Rochelle

If you play sports you should keep a few key things in mind when considering your vision: protection and precision. Injuries happen all the time in sports, whether they are contact-oriented sports like football, or baseball where ball speeds can reach over ninety miles per hour! But interestingly enough, the most eye injuries occur in basketball, where an elbow or a finger can be jabbed into the eye. Some of the most common eye injuries that happen during sports include corneal abrasions, fractured bones, retinal detachments, or even temporary blindness. The sports eyewear we offer at Optical Visit in New Rochelle uses polycarbonate lenses, which are more impact resistant than glass or plastic. They offer protection for 90% of eye injuries. Sports eyewear is the ideal solution for individuals who require prescription lenses to play, but don’t want to or can’t wear contact lenses. Protective sports eyewear features a padded bridge for comfort and can come with prescription or non-prescription lenses.

Sports eyewear can also optimize your vision, especially for outdoor sports. Dark, UV protection lenses can help you see better in the direct sunlight, whether you’re trying to catch a baseball in the sun, or trying to see the golf course from a distance. At our New Rochelle eyeglass store, we believe that sports eyewear can benefit your performance. Many sports lenses have anti-fog, glare reduction, and scratch resistant properties, so they can take the hit, while your eyes remain protected. If you play sports, whether professionally or for fun, consider the protective benefits of sports eyewear from Optical Visit, your New Rochelle optical store.

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