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Eye Exam New Rochelle New York

Eye Exam New Rochelle New York

As eye doctors, they examine, diagnose, treat and manage diseases, injuries and disorders of the visual system, the eye and identify related systemic conditions affecting the eye. They are licensed to prescribe medications, spectacle lenses, contacts lenses, and they counsel their patients regarding surgical and non-surgical options that meet their visual needs.

Our mission is to establish trusting, friendly relationships with our patients’ through personalized service and care. Using advanced examination technologies, and the highest quality of products and teamwork, we preserve healthy eyes and provide clear vision…
for a lifetime.

Eye Examinations for Adults and Childrens

Our doctors and staff take immense pride in delivering an extremely thorough evaluation of your eyes. During the course of your exam, we will determine a number of things—the determination of your spectacle or contact lens refraction being just one of them. We will ask you about your visual needs as they relate to your occupation or hobbies. We can then perform the appropriate testing that allows us to advise you which lens options will best satisfy those needs. Just as importantly, we will perform a comprehensive check of the health of your eyes, including evaluation for cataracts, glaucoma, and corneal problems. Were you aware that high blood pressure can cause changes inside your eyes? By either dilating your pupils and/or using our state-of-the-art technology we can fully examine the health of your retina to screen for those changes related to hypertension or diabetes, amongst many other things.

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