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During an eye exam, as part of your New Rochelle eye care at Optical Visit, our doctor will use special eye drops that trigger eye dilation. These drops cause the black portion at the center of your eye (pupil) to widen, which allows our doctor a better view of the back of your eye. The reason for your eye exam, your overall health and your risk of eye diseases, are what determines whether eye dilation is necessary at every exam. Dilated eye exams can help our doctor diagnose many conditions and diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, eye tumors, macular degeneration, infectious diseases, and retinal detachment.

Retina Eye Exam 10804

Retina Eye Exam 10804

Many conditions and diseases can be detected at their earliest stages during an eye exam, and this is why most eye doctors recommend eye dilation as part of a routine eye exam. Our New Rochelle eye care specialists still make all our patients aware that dilated eye exams can be somewhat inconvenient, since it makes it difficult for you to focus on close objects. We recommend that you schedule your dilated eye exams appropriately since they can interfere with your ability to drive or work for a few hours afterwards. Dilated eye exams will also make your eyes more sensitive to bright light. Even though there is no eye test that has been proven to be as effective to clearly see the back of your eye, there are alternative tests available if dilated eye exams prove to be a great inconvenience for you.

Our New Rochelle eye care experts will determine whether eye dilation is necessary for you by considering many factors. One of which is your age since the risk of eye diseases increases as you get older. If you have a history of eye diseases that affect the back of the eye, such as retinal detachment, you could have a higher risk of future eye problems, so your eye health will also be considered. Overall health is also an important factor since certain diseases, such as diabetes, also increase your risk of eye disease. If troublesome eye symptoms or vision problems have brought you to Optical Visit, then a dilated eye exam may be necessary for proper and thorough diagnosis. If a recent eye exam has included eye dilation, however, and there were no unusual findings, it may be possible to skip the eye-dilation portion of your next exam. Our New Rochelle eye care specialists do recommend the eye dilation portion of the exam if this is your first eye exam, but will always consult with you and discuss the reason for your eye exam, your overall health and your risk of eye diseases.

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