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Optometrist in Mount Vernon NY

Pediatric Eye Exams in Mount Vernon NY

Optometrist in Mount Vernon NY

Optometrist in Mount Vernon NY

Your child’s vision and eye health is a priority for us at Optical Visit. Our pediatric eye exams are comprehensive. In addition, we maintain a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere here, so that she or he will feel at ease. Aside from a mild sting when the eye drops are applied for pupil dilation, you can assure your child that the trip to see our optometrist in Mount Vernon NY is free of pain and that there is no reason to be nervous.

A vision test and a screening for eye diseases and conditions combine to form our pediatric eye exams. Your child’s visual acuity will be gauged with an eye chart. Or for those who are too young to read, our optometrist in Mount Vernon NY will make use of the tumbling E game. A series of E’s are shown. Your child just says in which direction each is pointing. Of course, if he or she needs eyeglasses, our optical department will take care of it for your convenience. Amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (crossed eye) are two concerns that are specific to children. Both are related to the relationship between the brain and the eyes, but it’s not as serious as that makes it sound. By using simple methods, such as placing an eye patch over the stronger eye for amblyopia, the problem can be corrected. It is important, however, to act in a timely manner. If those conditions are not addressed, they can become permanent. Some adult eye diseases, notably glaucoma and cataracts, can affect your child, too. And there are no symptoms for either in their early stages. It is a big reason why every child should have a checkup with our optometrist in Mount Vernon NY by the time school begins, and every other year after that.

Let your child have the benefit of attentive eye care. Schedule an exam at our office. Call us today.

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