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Vision health is important for overall health, so regular visits with your eye doctor are more than recommended. Not only do annual eye exams help your eye doctor monitor your eye health and check for any noticeable changes or symptoms, but it helps your vision as well. For those who live with vision impairments as well as for those without, the state of your vision is always subject to change, especially as you age. Regular visits not only check your eye health but test your visual acuity. Here at Optical Visit, our dedicated team of optometrists and opticians are here to help you assess the state of your vision and to help you choose contacts or traditional glasses.

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Prescription Eyewear New Rochelle

When it comes to living with vision impairment, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, it becomes necessary to use a visual aid. Both contact lenses and traditional frames provide a viable means with which to live with vision impairment, and our team of eye experts here at Optical Visit are prepared to help you determine which option suits you best. First off, glasses and contact lenses work differently and require different prescription strengths. Glasses rest on your nose and are separated from your eyes by a small amount of space. They can act just as much of an accessory as a tool, and can easily be worked into creating a specific look. Traditional frames may also be a more desirable option for those who additionally suffer from eye problems, such as allergies or dry eye syndrome. Contacts rest directly over your eye and, unlike glasses, can provide you with clear, crisp peripheral vision. We carry a wide variety of types and brands of contact lenses here at our New Rochelle optical shop so we are sure to find a brand and contact lens type that will suit your eyes.

Our team of eye experts here at Optical Visit is more than happy to provide you with the necessary testing and advice when it comes to choosing glasses or contacts. Schedule a visit to our New Rochelle optical shop and explore our variety of designer frames and brand name contact lenses today.

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