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Eye examination in Tuckahoe

Are you new to the Tampa area or simply seeking to build a relationship with a Tuckahoe optometrist who truly cares about helping you and your family members maintain excellent optical health? Call our location at Optical Visit to ensure that you and your loved ones receive the top tier treatments you deserve!

At Optical Visit, our team of highly dedicated specialists is proud to serve our fellow members of the Eastchester, NY community by offering high quality optical equipment and products to patients suffering from poor vision or eye health problems. We offer a wide variety of services for patients of all ages in an environment where the entire family can feel welcome, respected, and at-ease. These services include comprehensive eye exams, contact lenses as well as the requisite fittings and exams, and access to our enormous variety of designer frames and brands for all styles and budgets. If it’s time for you to receive your routine eye examination, don’t put it off! Eye examinations are an important facet of good eye health as they allow for problems to be identified, diagnosed and treated by a Tuckahoe optometrist as early as possible before they progress and further risk a patient’s health. As any eye doctor will tell you, eyes can function as a window into the body; with one dilated pupil, a trained specialist can detect 30 different systemic conditions that range from diabetes to high blood pressure to tumors. Whether you need corrective lenses or medication or newly diagnosed diseases, our doctors can ensure that you receive the careful eye care that you deserve.

To learn more about the importance of routine eye examinations (which should take place at least once a year!), call our office at Optical Visit to discuss the matter with a Tuckahoe optometrist. Your eyes will thank you!

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