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Dry Eyes in Yonkers

Dry eyes are uncomfortable, frustrating, and can temporarily interfere with your vision due to its effects. Here at Optical Visit, we are dedicated to your eye health, so if you have any of the signs of dry eyes, which we discuss below, make sure that you come in for an examination, evaluation, and treatment.

The simple reason why you have dry eyes is that they are not being lubricated properly. And this is due to your eyes creating an insufficient quantity or quality of tears. Outside factors do not cause dry eyes, but they do create greater risk and can make a bad situation even worse. They include exposure to smoke or wind, dry indoor heat, and sometimes contact lenses, especially extended wear. Be aware of the following indications, which mean you should be seen at our Yonkers optometry: sensitivity to light, eye redness, blurry vision, burning or stinging in your eyes, tired eyes, and irritation when wearing your contact lenses. Diagnosis is accomplished with a standard eye exam, possibly augmented with special tests that measure the volume of your tears and the composition of them. Additional testing may be done as necessary. The majority of cases, our Yonkers optometry will recommend the use of eye drops called artificial tears in the treatment of dry eyes. You can either get them over-the-counter at your local drug store, or if your situation is more severe, a prescription strength is available. Invasive methods, including surgery, are only options in chronic, recurring instances. You should also take some measures such as wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses outside on windy days, and making use of humidifiers in your home, particularly during heating season.

For help with your dry eyes, please call our Yonkers optometry and we will schedule a convenient time for you to come in for an appointment.

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